" The Cross of Christ is the means by which we are able to live a  victorious Christian life on  a daily basis "


 You Must Be Born Again

"Salvation For The Sinner"


Every Boy or Girl except Jesus Christ , that was born of woman was born into sin because of the fall of Adam, and Must be " born Again". Romans 3:23, reads, For all have sinned, and come ( fall) short of the glory of God. All but Jesus Christ.


Being a good person, attending or joining a Church, belonging to a certain denominations, taking communion, or being baptized  in water is not God's requirement for Salvation or the "Born Again" experience, and making heaven your home. Nicodemeus was a good man with good moral values, with a religious background, Jesus told him, he must be "Born Again. " What Jesus  was saying to Nicodemus, you have experienced a natural birth, now you must experience a Spiritual Birth to enter into the Kingdom of God, You can't earn or buy your way into heaven, Jesus said, in Mathew 16:25, For what is a man profited , if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? There is only owe way that you can prevent your soul from going to Eternal Hell Fire,  is that your are " Born Again."


How to Receive Salvation


Romans 10:9, reads, That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus ( confess that Jesus is the Lord of Glory, and the Savior of men, and that He died on the Cross that we might the saved. You must believe what you confess), and shalt  believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead ( pertains to the Bodily Resurrection of Christ, as is obvious), thou shalt be saved ( it is that simple).


For with the heart man believeth unto Righteousness ( presents the word "believing: in a mode of  "thinking", not feeling; the  "believing" has to do with believing Christ, and that His Sacrifice of Himself Atoned for all sin); and with the mouth confession is made unto Salvation ( when Faith comes forth from its silence to announce itself and proclaim the Glory and Grace of the Lord, its voice " is confession"). To have Nicodemus understand the way of Salvation, the Lord used John 3:14-17. The "serpent, i.e., "sin and Satan," was the reason for the Cross, and the pole was a type of the Cross. Everyone who looks to Christ and the Cross has the sentence of death  abated and, therefore, shall" live." When a man rejects the Love of God, which is done when he rejects the Cross of  Christ, then the very voice that cried out for mercy and forgiveness, now cries out for judgment and perdition.