“Our  Mission is to preach The Cross of Jesus Christ without compromise”.

Are you a blood bought, blood washed, Child of God who is struggling in your everyday walk with the Lord, such as some bondage of sin you can’t overcome? But you love the Lord with all your heart, and constantly ask Him for forgiveness, but the problem continues to exist.

Our mission for this ministry is that Believers such as yourself would surrender to the Will of God, instead of the will of man, to obtain perpetual victory in your everyday walk with the Lord.

Every human being that has ever lived since Adam and Eve’s Fall in the Garden of Eden were born with a Sin Nature. This is why Jesus told Nicodemus in John 3:7, You must be Born Again.

When a sinner is Born Again (Saved or comes to Christ), The Sin Nature is rendered dormant (ineffective). The Sin Nature will remain dormant as long as the Object of your Faith remains exclusively on a daily basis in what Jesus Christ did on the Cross, and His Resurrection for our salvation. When you start looking to other things instead of Christ for your daily needs, the Sin Nature revives, and the acts of sin will enslave your life again.

God’s will for all Believers are to continue to look to Jesus Christ  (the Cross), Who is the author and finisher of our Faith, for all of our daily needs.

Because the Christian does not know or understand God’s means by which the Holy Spirit is able to function in their daily Christian lives, they are living below God’s Spiritual means. It is not normal Christianity to be enslaved by the Sin Nature on a daily basis. It took an act of Faith in what Christ accomplished on the Cross for our Salvation, and God requires the same act of Faith for the Holy Spirit to continue to release the Spiritual Power for us to live free from the Sin Nature while we are on our Christian Journey.